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Here's What You'll Learn:

Where to Find Tons of Clients

 Here's where you'll find a ton of local clients who are already investing in building their business—and are ready and willing to invest more!

Your Irresistible Copy Offer

Pitch these primed contacts with a copywriting service that's practically guaranteed to help them get new customers and get more money from their current ones.

Fast-Track (& Easy) Pitching Tactics

Hate pitching? We've got you covered! Get the *exact email templates* you can use to pitch these businesses on your specialty service!

Upselling Them to More Work!

Why find new clients, when you can convert these clients in to regular, repeatable projects? Find out exactly how to do it—plus how to prove your value to current and future clients.

Meet Your Copy Coach

Nicki Krawczyk

Nicki is a copywriter, copy coach and the founder of Filthy Rich Writer. She's been writing copy for more than 15 years, working with clients including Hasbro, TripAdvisor, T.J.Maxx, Keurig, adidas, Reebok, and more.

Hi there!

Look, I know: You don't have a lot of time for messing around. (Who does, right??) That's why I've jam-packed this on-demand video workshop with a ton of actionable, easy-to-use, get-you-clients-fast tactics.  

My goal was to make you think, "Oh my gosh—this is SO GOOD!!" at least once during the webinar. :) 

You're going to learn exactly where and how to find your first clients. And not just any clients—but clients who are already actively trying to market their businesses and are primed to need your help.  

And not just one or two clients, but dozens and dozens of them, with new ones popping up nearly every day.  

Then, you're going to learn the special copywriting service you can provide that will be a cinch to sell. It's something that'll help them land new customers and make more money from their current ones—and it's also a service they likely don't even know about.  

Forget about trying to convince people to pay you to rewrite their websites or try out a brochure. This is something they need that they don't even realize they need!  

And, of course, it's up to you to explain that to them...but I'm going to make that easy, too.  

I'm going to give you the exact email templates to use to make reaching out to and landing these clients an absolute breeze!  

(And you're a writer, so I certainly recommend you tweak them to make them your own...but you're getting the exact email copy and subject line copy you can start with!)  

Oh, and one of the tricky things about being a freelance copywriter is having to go out and find new clients all the how about we do something about that, too?  

We'll go over the easy, step-by-step way to upsell these one-time clients into regularly recurring work—and how to do that again, and again, and again!  

If you're thinking that copywriting might be the right direction for you—or even if you just want to learn a bit more about it—this is absolutely the right next step for you!  

Think of it as a way to dip your toes into copywriting...or, if you feel like, to jump in with both feet!  

So, join me, will ya?! 

Sign up now, grab a pen and notepad, and then give it your full attention. Believe me—it'll be worth it!

Enjoy! Nicki