Without Wasting Time on Frustrating Job Bidding Sites or Cold-Calling Strangers

Join professional copywriter, Nicki Krawczyk, to learn how to turn your writing talent into regular income!

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Here's What You'll Learn:

Secret #1: How to Land Tons of Copywriting Work—That Isn’t Even Advertised to the Public!  

Did you know that most copywriting projects (and even jobs!) aren't posted to the public? Here's how to get in on those projects, plus how to find and reach out to clients who *want* to hire you for your services—all without wasting time on sites like Upwork or Freelancer.

Secret #2: How to (Ethically) Copy the Exact Steps to Take to Make it to 6 Figures as a Copywriter 

When you find the path to success, just follow the proven steps! (And be sure to only take advice from people who are successful at what you want to do.) Here's how to find and follow the steps to head toward your own potential six-figure success.

Secret #3: How to Build a Copywriting Career in Less Time Than It Takes to Have a Cup of Coffee

You don't need hours and hours of time each day to build a copywriting career. And you definitely don't need to quit your day job to get started. ("Jump and the net will appear"? No way! Make a plan that keeps your income safe.)

And More!

Meet Your Copy Coach

Nicki Krawczyk

Nicki is a copywriter, copy coach, and the founder of Filthy Rich Writer. She's been writing copy for more than 20 years, working with clients including Hasbro, TripAdvisor, T.J.Maxx, Keurig, adidas, Reebok, and many more.

Hi there!

Look, I know: You don't have a lot of time for messing around. (Who does, right??) That's why I've jam-packed this on-demand video workshop with a ton of actionable, easy-to-use, get-you-clients-fast tactics.  

My goal was to make you think, "Oh my gosh—this is SO GOOD!!" at least once during the webinar. :) 

You're going to learn exactly how to find copywriting clients. Not through those frustrating, disheartening sites like Upwork or Freelancer, but by finding the jobs and projects that aren't even advertisted to the public yet. 

After all, would you rather be in a situation that has 25 or 30 copwriters competing for one copywriting project...or one copywriter (you!) evaluating dozens and dozens of copywriting opportunities?

The second one, right? :)

And no, you're not going to be cold-calling and trying to get strangers on the phone to hire you. In fact, you'll never even talk to anyone who isn't interested in working with you.  

Then, you're going to learn how to copy the steps that people have used to get to six-figure incomes as a copywriter. And no — I'm not making any income guarantees. People have to put in the work to get the results. 

But I'm going to show you how to copy the steps that got me to six figures per year as a copywriter, that got my student Brittany to six figures per year (living on an island in the Mediterrannean!), and that the rest of my students are working towards now. 

Then, you're going to learn the secret sauce to success: How to learn copywriting and build a career in less time than it takes you to have a cup of coffee each day. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't have hours and hours each day to devote to anything! The good news is that you don't need that much time to be successful.

And I want to be clear, too: This information is for you if you want to work as a freelance copywriter, working from your kitchen table or from a cafe in Barcelona...

But it's also for you if you want to land a full-time, on-staff copywriting job at a cool ad agency or in-house creative team.

It's even for you if you want to write copy as a side hustle to bring in extra cash to cover extra expenses or make sure you've got funds for all of the vacations you want. 

And this free training is for you if you're brand new to copywriting (or even just considering it) and want to make sure you get started in the best possible way...

And it's also for you if if you’ve been trying to get some traction as a copywriter and you’ve been struggling. if you just can’t seem to break in or land the right kinds of clients, this is also for you to get you turned around and on the right path. 

And, if you're doubtful, let me assure you. Copywriting is a real career that people are enjoying working at every single day. 

There's no gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme here: I teach real career training for peope who want real success.  

So if you want to take your love of writing and either learn how to turn it into a fulfilling, well-paying career...

Or, if you want to learn the steps that will take you from lacklustre copywriting earnings and clients that are few and far between to a steady stream of clients who are willing to pay well for your skills...

This is absolutely the right next step for you!  

So, join me, will ya?! :)

Sign up now, grab a pen and notepad, and then give it your full attention. Believe me—it'll be worth it!

Enjoy! Nicki